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Palau has so many wonderful places to explore – how do you know where to start? where is the best place to stay? Palau Hotel Adventures portal serves as a destinations look up and will give you a taste of all Palau has to offer.​

From best hotels, premiere dining and to cultural destinations spots to enjoy the Pristine Paradise view. The best place to begin is to stay at the Palau Central Hotel, where they have just everything you need for your best Palau adventure.

Where to Stay?

Service, comfort and convenience in the center of downtown Palau.

Palau Central Hotel

Where to eat?

Palau's Premiere Dining Experience. Stunning view and great service.

Elilai Restaurant

Need to film your adventure?

Roll'em Productions is the first film and video production company in the Republic of Palau.

Roll 'em Productions
Film & Video Production

Palau - Pristine Paradise

Early Palauans may have originated from Asia and Polynesia. Based on researches, Palauans are also distant relatives of Melanesians and Malays. However, they are not commonly regard as to be Micronesian. Palau had tight relations with Yap and Java, earlier than 18th century. And in the late 19th century, Britain, Germany, and Spain claimed the possession of the islands.

Palau is locally known as Belau. Before getting its present name from Germans, explorers before called the islands in different names: Los Palaos, New Philippines, Pelew Islands and Caroline Islands.

Palau has a warm climate all year round with the average relative humidity at 82%. Typhoons are rare because it lies outside the typhoon zone. Although rainfall is heavy, averaging 3,800 mm all over the year.

Palau is an archipelago of about 200 mainly pristine limestone and volcanic isles, covered with green forest, surrounded by a lagoon. Palau is well known for scuba diving, thus making it also a point for different adventure activities. Kayaking, snorkeling, off-road driving, heli tour, historical tours, zip line and nature trail are just some activities you won’t miss to do here in Palau.